Review: ActiveMQ in Action

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Some days ago I got in contact with IoT and MQTT with the great MQTT.fx tool developed by Jens Deters (@jerady) and I wanted to deepen my knowledge about Message Brokers/Message-oriented Middleware, so I bought this book about Apache ActiveMQ.


Applications in enterprises need to communicate, most commonly done by messaging.
Apache ActiveMQ is an open-source implementation of the Java Message Service (JMS), which provides messaging in Java applications.
ActiveMQ in Action is a thorough, practical guide to implementing message-oriented systems using ActiveMQ and Java. Co-authored by one of the leading ActiveMQ developers, Bruce Snyder, the book starts with the anatomy of a core Java message, then moves quickly through fundamentals including data persistence, authentication and authorization. Later chapters cover advanced features such as configuration and performance tuning, illustrating each concept with a running real-world stock portfolio application.
Readers will learn to integrate ActiveMQ with Apache Geronimo and JBoss, and tie into both Java and non-Java technologies including AJAX, .NET, C++, Ruby, and the Spring framework.

Product Details

Paperback: 375 pages
Publisher: Manning Publications; 1 edition (March 28, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781933988948
ISBN-13: 978-1933988948

The Authors

Bruce Snyder (@brucesnyder) is a veteran of enterprise software development and a recognizedleader in open source software. Bruce has experience in a wide range of technolo-gies including Java EE, Enterprise Messaging and Service Oriented Integration. In addition to his role as a software consultant, Bruce is also an Apache Member, a co-founder of Apache Geronimo and a developer for Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, and ServiceMix.
Dejan Bosanac (@dejanb) is a software developer, technology consultant and author with deep expertise in integration and interoperability of Java and web technologies. Dejan spent a number of years in development of complex software projects, ranging from highly-trafficked web sites through enterprise applications.
Rob Davies (@rajdavies) has over 20 years experience of developing high performance distributed enterprise systems and products for telcos and finance. He is a founder of theApache ActiveMQ, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Camel projects. Currently Director of Open Source Development at IONA, Rob was also a founder and CTO of SpiritSoft and founder and VP Product Development at LogicBlaze.

The Content

This books covers all you need to know about ActiveMQ in different scenarios. It starts with introductions to Apache ActiveMQ and gives an understanding of message-oriented middleware and JMS.
After that this book shows basic topics like how to connect to ActiveMQ, Storing messages, securing ActiveMQ and integrations to Java and Java EE applications. In the advanced parts it is about deployments, performance tuning, administration and so on.

Writing and Style

If you are used to technical documentation you shouldn't struggle with this book. For a non native speaker it reads very easy. I didn't find very many complex sentences which were too complex for non natives.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you have some knowledge of Java, this book offers all you need to master ActiveMQ from the beginning to advanced topics.
I really enjoyed reading this book and it will take a place as reference book on my desk.
If you are interested in Message Brokers and Message oriented Middleware solutions and want a book which covers everything from configuration over performance tuning to administration and monitoring of ActiveMQ, this is good choice.

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