Review: Instant Apache ActiveMQ Messaging Application Development How-to

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After reading the ActiveMQ in Action book by Bruce Snyder, Dejan Bosanac and Rob Davies (which I really like), I wanted to read more about how to work with Apache ActiveMQ, its features and ActiveMQ ingeneral. So I bought this one. In this review I want to share my thoughts about this book and help you with your buying decision.


Apache ActiveMQ is a powerful and popular open source messaging and Integration Patterns server. ActiveMQ is a fully JMS 1.1 compliant Message Broker and supports many advanced features beyond the JMS specification.
Instant ActiveMQ Application Development How-to shows you how to get started with the ActiveMQ Message Broker. You will learn how to develop message-based applications using ActiveMQ and the JMS specification.
In this book you will learn all the basic skills you need to start writing Java Messaging applications with a firm grounding in the more advanced features of ActiveMQ, giving you the tools to continue to master application development using ActiveMQ.
Starting by applying the messaging features of the JMS specification to write basic messaging applications, you will develop a basic JMS application using topics and queues to broadcast events as well as perform Request and Response operations over the JMS.
Once you have mastered the simple tasks you will move onto using the advanced features in ActiveMQ to supercharge your messaging applications. You will get to grips with ActiveMQ’s scheduler to delay messages. You will also learn how to leverage ActiveMQ’s fault-tolerant capabilities to create robust client applications.

Product Details

Paperback: 78 pages
Publisher: Packt Publishing (May 23, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1782169415
ISBN-13: 978-1782169413

The Author

Timothy Bish is a senior software engineer currently working for RedHat Inc. He currently works out of his home in Alexandria, VA, actively contributing to the ActiveMQ Project. Timothy started his work in the open source world as a side project while working for a company in Syracuse NY. What started as something fun turned into a full time career and remains a passion for Timothy. Timothy started his career in software development in 1999 and has worked for several years in the private sector before moving into full time open source development. During that time Timothy earned his Masters of Computer Engineering from Syracuse University. Having worked on a number of home grown Messaging frameworks Timothy has seen firsthand how the world of open source software like ActiveMQ has transformed the development world. Besides working on new development projects Timothy also enjoys reading, skiing, scuba diving, and traveling to new and exotic places

The Content

The book starts simple with installing and running an ActiveMQ Broker. Timothy also explains how to set up a basic application developer environment for ActiveMQ using Apache Maven. After that introducing chapters, you will write a basic JMS applications using topics and queue to broadcast events and perform Request and Response style operations over JMS.
You will also learn how to write applications that embed ActiveMQ brokers directly into their own JVM and Utilize ActiveMQ's fault tolerant features to develop robust client applications. Last but not least you will lean how to delay message sending using ActiveMQ's built in scheduler.

Writing and Style

If you are used to technical documentation you shouldn't struggle with this book. For a non native speaker it reads very easy. I didn't find very many complex sentences which were too complex for non natives.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This book is ideal for you if you are a beginner in Enterprise Messaging and want to start with Apache ActiveMQ. The reader needs a very basic understanding of Apache Maven to be able to follow the instructions in this book. Most of the chapters end with hints to further readings. This really rounds off this very beginners good book.
After reading this book the reader gets a good overview and basic understanding of ActiveMQ for a fair price (especially if you buy the ebook). I really like the hints to further readings after each chapter.
The whole book in just one sentence: ActiveMQ brought to the point!
In case you decided to buy or you already read this book, take a look the ActiveMQ in Action book. It covers more detailed and advanced knowledge and is an ideal addition to this beginners book.
I also wrote a review about it: Review ActiveMQ in Action.


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