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From Blogger to Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Bennet Schulz, @bennetelli December 21, 2016 • 1 min read

I used Blogger for more than two years as my blogging platform and it did a good job for this time. I started blogging with this engine. It was easy to begin and easy to write content at the beginning. No additional stuff like editing HTML needed. Just writing content. That was great for the beginning.
I also liked the idea of the Blogger App which allowes Bloggers to write content where ever they are. Although I never used it, but two years before this was one of the features I think I would use frequently. Nevertheless during the last year it became too unhandy for me as a developer. I had to edit plain html to get good looking content because the WYSIWYG editor of Blogger was not good enough anymore. Adding gist snippets for example always looked crappy because of the blog design which was quite old fashioned and it was uncomfortable to edit the underlying design template of my blog. In addition to that it wasn't responsive and looked terrible on mobile. Here's a example of my old blog design:

Therefore I migrated to a static Jekyll page hosted on GitHub Pages during the holidays. It gives me more flexibility because I have to do all the things Blogger comes with on my own. Adding Google Analytics, comment stuff using disqus, post- and general blog-design in HTML and CSS and so on.

I hope you like my new blog. Maybe there are some errors left and I didn't find them until you read this post. Would be nice if you could ping me if you find anything. Thanks in advance.

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